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The project consists of the management of deliveries made by concrete trucks. Information management must be done in a micro and macro way, since it is necessary to see the information of both a specific delivery and a general control of all the deliveries made by all the branches with the intention of optimizing deliveries in different regions.


The main problem of the company was the lack of access to information crucial to the operation of the daily delivery planning as well as the status and feedback of the same. Access to this information was most often done by phone in an active way. Contact was not always possible and most of the time it was unsatisfactory. In addition, the work itself has its challenges since there are adverse factors that can not be predicted or planned, such as bad traffic, problem in works, climatic conditions, which does not allow assertive prior planning.


Bring information about the location of delivery trucks to all levels of the operation accurately and in real time.

My Role

I was an UX and UI designer working with three developers and one product manager.


Renan - Expedidor (controla o pátio)
Programador (acompanha as entregas)
Gerente (Controla todas as centrais)
Motorista do caminhão


Interview with employees to understand the process and who are the personas Qualitative interview with employees of the distribution matrix that fit the personas Day-to-day attendance for flow assessment


Na primeira etapa foi trabalhado 3 níveis de visualização das informações. Uma para o expedidor uma para o programador e uma para o gerente. Ficou para uma segunda etapa o desenvolvimento de uma plataforma mobile para o motorista do caminhão conseguir reportar qualquer adversidade encontrada


With the implementation of the system we were able to dramatically improve the way the operation works.Decreasing the number of calls and increasing the accuracy of information

Things I learned

The importance of accurate information at the right time at different levels for each function. We can not solve everything in one vision. Another point was that because I was an outsourced contractor I did not have much contact in the development after my work, so I should try to stipulate a time for the follow-up of the project.